On August 17th 2020, Yvuanian Government in Exile based in the United States ordered 50 units of a board game “Reversed Front” which is being developed in Taiwan through the Taiwanese crowdfunding platform ZecZec, to support Taiwanese people’s fighting against Communist China. The “Reversed Front” is a board game designed for gamers to choose and […]

It’s an honor and privilege for Yvuania to be part of this unprecedented Anti-Communist China Pro-Independence Movement Round Table Dialogue held in Capital Hill of Washington D.C. on August 23rd, 2019. Special thanks to President of Uyghur American Association, Mr. Ilshat H. Kokbore , and President of Shanghai National Party, Mr. Anquan He. We are […]

Yvuanian Government in Exile hereby declare: people who recognize Yvuania’s Independence and contribute to this movement with their money even life, are Yvuanians; people who recognize and contribute to the independence of Cathaysian Nations and other Asian countries, are allies of Yvuania; those who consider themselves as Chinese or impede the independence of Yvuania, are […]

By Wan Lan Often times, I fall into anxiety about “identity”since and before my daughter was born. “Where are you from?”would be an awkward question for me all my life. We believe we are Americans as we immigrate here, we hold the same faith and values as Americans. But the asian appearances are like labels […]

Yvuania possesses rich mineral resources and plays an important role in the Far East. By the end of 2007, 515 mineral deposits had been discovered, including 34 large deposits, 49 medium-sized deposits and 49 small deposits. There are 84 kinds of minerals, among which 45 are proven reserves. Among the minerals with proven reserves, six […]