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Yvuania Declaration of Independence

Yvuania, referred to as Yvuan, commonly known as Nanyang, is believed to be Luxembourg in the Far East. Yvuan, lies in a basin, to its north is the Foo-new Mountain, which is part of the eastern end of the Tsin-Ling Ridge Mountains; Ton-pai Mountain is situated at the west side, forming the source of the Hwai River; the Daba Mountain Range extends itself to the west of Yvuania, with the Han River flowing in the south. The Yvuania Basin has a tight connection with the Ferghana Basin; Yvuan in Nanyang and DaYuan in Ferghana are the two ends of the Silk Road in history. Yvuan is the end of Inner Asia. The unique geographical environment has made it a civilized ark that determines Yvuania nation’s rise and fall several times in history.

Since the ancient times, Yvuanian people have not been Yuu, not even Chinese, but the elite nation which guards and protects the inner passage of Jing and Chu barbarians. Yvuanian people are devoted, courageous, diligent, and wise. They have been always pursuing freedom and equality. This is polar opposite to the brutal actions of the communistic Chinese authoritarian rulers who destroy people’s lives, trample on human rights, deprive people of their liberty, and annihilate virtues.

Yvuanian people are born with extremely strong self-defense consciousness, and intensively rich spontaneousness for organizations; therefore, the disintegration in the community is unbelievably slow. In history, the armed Yvuanian people initiated rebellions against the invaders and successfully conducted autonomy. For example, in the end of the Yuan Dynasty, in order to fight against the rogue war, bravos in Tang county and Deng county within Yvuania organized the local militia forces, which tremendously reduced the damage of the war against local people and their property; also completely preserved and passed on the prosperous chivalry. More notably, during the Kuomintang Era in the 1930s, the West Yvuania Autonomy Movement had been so successful and so extraordinary that it had far-reaching influence both locally and overseas. People can sleep safe and sound without locking their doors during nights; property lost in the streets remained untouched till the owner returned for it. There were no lawsuits village by village; economy was booming, people were wealthy and happy with plenty savings in each household. Those who live outside of Yvuania, some even from distant areas traveled long way to Yvuania to visit and see, and wanted to learn from our advanced autonomy system. There is absolutely no doubt that Yvuania at that time had already become a center of civilization that can export well-ordered culture and spirits.

The reason why Yvuania has become an ark which preserves its civilization in countless times of chaos in history, is the grace and blessing from God. Christian, Islamic, Catholic and other religions are living in harmony in the realm of Yvuania. Among them, more than 140,000 people are Christians. The number of underground family churches in Yvuania today ranks the first in the CCP occupied China. The CCP’s seizure, suppression and persecution can’t kill the enthusiasm of people who follow Jesus.

Today, because Yvuania is geographically connected with CCP China, the world often treats Yvuanian people like Chinese. Chinese people have no faith, it does not mean Yvuanian people have no faith. Chinese people who are not honest does not represent Yvuanian people are not honest. Chinese people do not follow the world’s rules and destroy western civilized order, it does not mean Yvuanian people do the same. Therefore, we have no choice but to announce to become an independent nation from them.

Now we hesitate no more and solemnly declare that we

firmly believe in God, in our Lord Jesus;

break away from China, sever all political ties with China;

become an independent, free and democratic country;

stand with all other Cathaysian nations, and keep up with western civilizations.