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Yvuania Declaration of Independence

The Republic of Yvuania, is the one and only legitimate successor of the First Republic Government of Yvuania, which was founded in 1930 after the Qing Empire collapsed in 1912. We sincerely follow the Will of God and the Laws of Nature, solemnly declare hereby: the Republic of Yvuania resolutely defend and protect the property and liberty of the Yvuanian people; completely sever all the political ties with the Chinese terrorists and become an independent country.

The Republic of Yvuania negates the legitimacy of the Chinese terrorists’ regime’s rule in Yvuania. The Chinese KMT and CCP which served as the puppet government of the Communist International, in the name of the “Chinese people” as a whole, schemed to obliterate Yvuania’s community, and had bring devastating harm to Yvuanian people’s lives and properties.

The Chinese forcibly seized all the lands and properties in Yvuania, and wrongfully put Yvuania under the Henan China’s prefecture.

The Chinese invaded Yvuania multiple times, intended to disarm  Yvuania’s Independent Army, and annex Yvuania into China. They finally forcibly dissolved the First Republic of Yvuania’s parliament, court and government, violently suppressed and killed the unyielding Yvuanian leaders and citizens.

The Chinese forcibly invalidate Yvuania’s independent currency system, confiscated and robbed our gold and silver, destroyed Yvuania’s prosperous capitalist economy.

The Chinese forcibly recruited Yvuania’s elite army soldiers to join the Sino-Japanese War, sacrificed countless of our brave men, while Yvuania had no conflict of interest with Japan whatsoever.

The Chinese forcibly occupied and confiscated Yvuania local landlords and leaders’ lawful lands and properties, and sent those Yvuanian elites and leaders to labor camps and prisons without any valid accusations and trials. They even murdered many directly.

The Chinese used violence to violate the religious freedom of Yvuanian people. They tear down churches, arrested house church leaders and believers, put them into prison and tortured them.

The Chinese forcibly confiscated Yvuania’s industries, businesses, handicraft businesses and all other kinds of businesses; also confiscated all Yvuanian people’s lawful private possessions. Those who were not submissive got suppressed badly.

The Chinese forcibly exploited the rich petroleum, mineral and other kinds of natural resources in Yvuania.

The Chinese, in the name of “South-To-North Water Transfer Project”, forcibly changed the waterway of Dan River in Yvuania, not only destroyed the eco system, flooded lots of good farmlands, damaged countless invaluable cultural relics, caused billion dollars of economic loss. What is worse, they forced thousands of Yvuanians to leave their beloved homeland where their family had dwelled in generations after generation.

The Chinese forcibly built electric power plant on the White River of Yvuania, causing the once voluminous stream become almost dry out. Our beloved White River lost its ability to directly connect with Yangtze River and Hanshui River.

The Chinese forcibly demolished lots of historic architectures, buildings and cultural heritages in Yvuania, permanently destroyed lots of Yvuania’s unique history and memory.

The Chinese terrorists has committed countless crimes and atrocities to Yvuanian people. Therefore, we Yvuanians have no choice but to solemnly declare: The Republic of Yvuania have determined to cut off all the political connections with the People’s Republic of China. We as an independent country will take all necessary means, including but not limited to levying wars, to defend our sovereignty and protect the property and liberty of our people.