Yvuanian Government in Exile Sponsors Anti-Communism Board Game ‘Reversed Front’ Developed in Taiwan

On August 17th 2020, Yvuanian Government in Exile based in the United States ordered 50 units of a board game “Reversed Front” which is being developed in Taiwan through the Taiwanese crowdfunding platform ZecZec, to support Taiwanese people’s fighting against Communist China. The “Reversed Front” is a board game designed for gamers to choose and play a role as a persecuted nation such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet or Manchuria, to fight against the unlawful Communist China’s rule. Yvuania is listed as one of the persecuted and occupied nations, seeking our own independence.

The developer anticipates the game being manufactured late this year and will be released January 2021. The total 50 games cost around $5,000.

Yvuanian Government in Exile is humbled and honored to sponsor this game. We are working with the game developer ESC Team from Taiwan, to unlock Yvuania as a leading Rebel Group in the game, and add the Yvuania DLC to the game. The total cost of developing Yvuania part is $10,000. $4,000 has been paid to initiate the developing process.

Taiwan and Yvuania have a solid friendship for hundreds of years. Taiwanese people’s courage and faith to fight against the Chinese Communists is well recognized. They are good role models for all the Cathaysian nations including Yvuania occupied by the communists. We are determined to work together to gain our freedom and dignity back in the coming years.