Message From Bie Tingfang to the Compatriots in the Thirteen Counties of Yvuania

Dear all compatriots in the thirteen counties of Yvuania:

Me, Bie Tingfang, one of the people of Yvuania, driven by my conscience, I have been simply up to my neck into work instead of indulging myself in loud and empty talks. All these years, I have witnessed the chaos going on in our beloved Yvuania land; our people are displaced and vagrant. I cannot stop the compassion and pity stirring up in my chest, I cannot just sit by watching and doing nothing. 

Therefore, I have rectified and put Neixiang County in good order, starting from self-defense and gradually heading to self-govern. Just like what the ancient sages’ saying “To survive in the tumultuous times while have no interest in making a fame among the nobles”. I thought it in my mind, as our local homeland gained peace and wellness bit by bit, me as an ordinary citizen of Yvuania, traveling freely and pleasantly to see the beautiful mountains and springs within, would be my ultimate wishes. 

I haven’t expect I would get this much honor of recognition and reputation. Indebted to all the people of the thirteen counties for their complete trust, I am invited to share the successful experience of what I have done in West Yvuania with all the counties in the entire Yvuania realm. All the people’s passion and friendship makes me feel touched and abashed. 

Again I think to myself, if all our people from the thirteen counties of Yvuania have the thorough awareness, have the will to unite together mentally and physically, share and bear all the ups and downs, and walk to the same bright direction which leads to the future path; I would be more than willing to bring all I have to share and discuss with you, and carry out the initiative together……

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